SreePrathama  Ayurvedam works with a noble aim “Your Health Our Priority”. The centre strives to reach an Ayurveda philosophy for bringing balance between body, mind, spirit, and social wellbeing."  It is one of the top three leading Ayurveda hospitals that has spread its wings across South India having branches in Vishakhapatnam, Hyderabad and Karnataka.

Dr. Santhisree Bheesetti, the founder believes that there should be balanced connectivity to ensure good health, i.e, a deep connection between the self and the environment. The choices we make about diet, exercise, profession, and relationships have the potential to create physical, emotional, or spiritual imbalances. Being a trained Ayurvedic practitioner, Dr.Santhisree Bheesetti accurately determines a person's Prakruti (physical and psychological characteristics) & Doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha), and its impact specifically on bodily functions that leads to lack of harmony and more susceptibility to diseases.

The Founder with her incredible years of practice and curiosity emphasizes the importance of Ayurveda and its application. Ayurveda, an ancient health care tradition is being practiced in India for 5,000 years. The word comes from the Sanskrit terms Ayur (life) and Veda (knowledge). According to the University of Minnesota's Centre for Spirituality & Healing, it has been observed that more than 90 percent of the continent's population use some form of Ayurvedic therapy, including following its dietary principles, practicing traditional or "grandma's medicine," or seeking professional help from trained Ayurvedic practitioners. The concern of forgotten history and principles of Indian traditional medicine, besides the clinch of traditional treatment gaining wide popularity in the Western world than in India as an alternative medical treatment made this dynamic doctor to establish this Ayurveda hospital.