Are you experiencing any of these symptoms lately?

  • ANAL PAIN. ...
  • Constipation???

If yes, then why delay in seeking the correct treatment?
Are you worried about society or just feel embarrassed by spilling out your anorectal problems? Well you are not alone in this situation.
Anorectal diseases are common globally, basically this category includes Hemorrhoids, piles, fistula, fissure, rectal prolapse, and pilonidal sinus polyps. Ano-rectal complaints are habitually harmless in origin. Most of the patients experiencing these disorders do not ask for medical advice at an early stage due to shyness and later on, ends up with an advanced stage of the disease and notable disruption in the quality of life. Such patients neglect to understand that anorectal conditions are normal and accepted just like other medical conditions, and they are not alone.

Ayurvedic approach to Anorectal care
Ayurveda indicates the preventive and curative characters of disease. Ayurveda describes three Doshas that are responsible for governing the different functions of our body. Dosha varies according to every person's body composition but should be retained in balance to continue a healthy life.
Dosha plays a vital role throughout the process of digestion. And good digestion ultimately leads to effective metabolism and overall good health.

Our body demands a balanced level of all three doshas and the digestive fire Agni to keep the things in order. But when the Doshas are out of balance, they impact the process of digestion.
On the other hand, Vata is the main dosha that is accountable for movement in the body. Balanced Vata dosha means bowel contents will move correctly. Since it is a drying Dosha, its affliction can make the bowel contents dry and helpless to move well, which will lead to constipation.
Vata Dosha induces constipation that is rocky and dry with painful black painted haemorrhoids. Pitta dosha's nature is heaty, so it's excessive amount causes diarrhoea, excessive thirst, and inflammed haemorrhoids that bleed.
On the contrary, Kapha dosha is cold and heavy, making large light coloured haemorrhoids.

Agni and Digestion
Digestive fire Agni and its strength decide how the digestion process would go. But due to a person's bad lifestyle habits, the strength of Agni gets disturbed and as a result, it disturbs the entire process of digestion.

Treatment modalities at Sree Prathama Ayurvedam -
The Ayurvedic aspect of health is holistic. Any health problem is not managed symptomatically or in isolation. Ayurveda aims to treat disease-producing imbalances and profit overall health.
With the customized ayurvedic therapies, herbal medications and dietary modifications anorectal diseases get treated.
Ayurvedic therapies to treat anorectal disorders -
At Sree Prathama Ayurvedam our experts formulate a customized treatment plan based on

  • Dosha imbalance
  • The severity of the condition.

The specialized ayurvedic treatments that are conducted in our hospital are;
Ksharasutra - In this process, a medicated thread is passed through this external opening of fistula throughout the anal canal. However, this entire process is done under anaesthesia because it is an invasive form of the treatment. Through the anal opening, the probe with kshara sutra is gently taken out and after one week doctors replace kshara sutra with a new one.

Vasti - This is another essential treatment, and it’s especially meant for Vata imbalance. Since Vata is responsible for all types of movements, its balanced level is mandatory for the body. Medicated liquids and oils are the products that are used in Vasti. It removes all the toxins from the body that triggers doshas imbalance.

Special dietary guidelines -
Eating healthy, clean, and wholesome food as per a fixed meal program will relieve the stress of the digestive system.
Based on symptions our doctor, ShantiSree bheesetti recognizes the Dosha imbalance and further she formulates a special dietary plan excluding the foods that aggravate the Dosha. Mapping out a healthy diet plan and weeding out malicious movements from your daily routine people with piles and other anorectal diseases can recover.
Treatment plans vary according to the specific disease, so if you want to discuss your condition with our doctor, you can get in touch with us.
Dr Shantisree Bheesetti utilizes the most trusted and time tested Ayurvedic treatments to treat all her patients.

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